The Best Sea-Doo Rental Company In The Okanagan

So you're thinking about buying a Seadoo Spark? Is it worthwhile? YES! with a tinge of no. The Seadoo Spark isn't for everyone. Many people will despise it and believe it to be junk. You can't please everyone. I've ridden one, and I even have one myself. What I'd like to do is give you my honest opinion of it.

I believe that Seadoo is the Apple of the watercraft industry when it comes to introducing new goods. The Spark has to be Seadoo's iPhone, with five color choices, a two-seater or three-seater, and twin engine choices.

Before they revealed the Spark, we all predicted that Seadoo should create a smaller watercraft with a modest engine. We thought that Seadoo would have put their new 2-stroke Evinrude Engine in a Jet Ski and branded it something ludicrous such as GTI-S or something similar.

We made a lot of mistakes with the little things, but the concept was correct; in September 2013, Seadoo introduced a more affordable watercraft. The world adored it!

The first time I rode the Spark was in December. As soon as we opened the box and began to fill it with gas, my kids and I took it to the lake. It was about 20 degrees Fahrenheit, but no one cared since everyone wanted to ride it.

We noticed that we never got wet nor did we want to while riding it. We could spin it out and jump our own wakes at will. The top speed was 50MPH, but because the Spark Watercraft is so tiny, it felt like 80MPH.

To meet the need for sparks, we put it to the test for two days. The spark received a lot more attention than the larger watercraft. For both days, we had someone out on the Spark putting it through its paces from 10am until 5pm. It took us approximately $25 to fill it up and we didn't have to top it up till later in the next day.

A $25 gasoline engine powers a Spark from 10 to 5 at full throttle, according to the manufacturer. This is incredibly cheap for a watercraft; a typical size one would be twice as much.

There is so much more to tell, but what we're trying to say is, these things are amazing! And if you're ever looking for The Best Sea-Doo Rental Company In The Okanagan, be sure to give Kelowna Seadoo Rentals a call.