Roof Repairs Sydney

Whilst roofs usually last 15 years plus, if you live in more extreme weather conditions, they can take a battering and will need to be maintained or repaired.

Aside from actually seeing roof leaks, there are many other signs of a roof that needs to be repaired and understanding this will help you avoid the potential damage that can be caused both to your roof system as well as your home.

Firstly, its important to have a regular roof inspection as often you will notice that tiles or shingles are broken. Fixing these broken elements is important as they form the first and most important barrier to water and objects hitting the roof. Once tiles are broken then only an underlay or flashing is there to protect further damage into your ceiling.

As part of comprehensive roof inspection, the gutters need to be checked to see if there is any blockage. Blocked gutters will create a spooling effect with water pressure rising until it eventually has to go somewhere. The direction of the water pressure will either go back up to the roof and possibly create holes up there or flow down to the gutter and actually damage it as well as the pipes. The flow on effect of this is that water will go to the walls and potentially affect the foundation of the house over time.

If your home has skylights, its important to always check them as often the flashing underneath has not been installed properly. Poor flashing will immediately lead to a water leak and it is something you do not want.

If this article has been helpful in understanding when to repair your roofing system, you can always find more information below.

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