When your dog is groomed can potentially be a stressful process, for you and your pet. Dogs can easily be stressed when going to a groomer. Getting in the car, walking into a strange building, and having a new person bathing, cutting, and cleaning them can all be stressful to your pet. What if you had an experienced, competitively priced, and skilled groomer come to you? Dog Grooming Leicester Paws offers exactly this. This service will come to your home with a vehicle with complete grooming services inside. You will bring your pooch out to the curb, hand them over to our experts. Also, if there are any issues, you will be right on hand. This is obviously beneficial to the animal and you as its owner. If you are like most people, your pets are your babies. You want them to get the best care in the best hands with the least amount of discomfort. No more anxiety caused car sickness journeys. If your dog does not do well with car rides, this is a much better option for you. Even if your canine doesn't get sick in the car, there are many benefits to having a groomer come to your home. So often, people worry their pet will think they are being abandoned. We have a relaxed calming environment where your fluffy friend can feel relaxed and at home. They have been abandoned once and therefore don't understand. It is safe to assume they are nervous to be left by their family again. This is heart breaking for both pet and owner.

There are many benefits to mobile grooming services is not having your pup around other animals. Being around unfamiliar animals can be as stressful for pets as unfamiliar people. When you book an appointment with us, your pet will be the only one being serviced. No more waiting room issues with other pets, and your fur baby receives continuous one-on-one attention. Our experts can insure a clean, controlled, and safe environment. The vehicle will be cleaned between each grooming and all equipment will be sterilized. Your dog will get used to having the same groomer come repeatedly with the same vehicle, helping to reduce stress and anxiety. Plus, this allows our professional groomer an opportunity to bond with your fur baby individually. Routine is very important for animals. Knowing expectations is very important for pets We welcome all our doggy friends both large and small and aim to give you the best service possible.
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