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Focusing on staying current with everything there is to know about good fencing is part of what enables us to give you the best customer service. We pride ourselves on our ability to consistently ensure timely fence installation, maintenance, and repair. Not only are we contractors, we are also professional suppliers collaborating with a network of other fence supply outlets able to access a wide range of products to give you fast service. We offer a free consultation service by one of our experts. We also offer a FREE no obligation quote to all our customers.

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Gravel boards 6x6 posts driveway gates

A wood fence can be used for almost any purpose when constructed correctly. Wood is picturesque, sustainable, and easy to work with. In fact, it's the most popular fence material.

Prebuilt wood panels, often 4-6 feet tall and 6-8 feet wide are often purchased to set up privacy and security fences along boundary lines. Picket fences have been popular for many years in a variety of heights with varying distances between the pickets.

Wood fence panels are put together in several different ways. Feather edge planks, also referred to as close board, are very popular with clients and aesthetically pleasing.; a cross section shows a triangular shape instead of a rectangular shape. The tight fit makes the use of feather edge panels ideal for privacy fences. The planks can be laid vertically or horizontally. The overlapping prevents any spaces from developing despite the aging wood. Canter rails, also called cant rails, are laid across horizontally for support. The top surface of the rail is beveled in such a way as to divert rain water away from the body of the fence.

What is a fence without a gate? Gates control the inflow and outflow of traffic in your enclosure. They can be as welcoming and decoratively appealing as you like, but they are also vulnerable ports of entry. There are gates to match your fencing with whatever extras you require. Our company can assist with the entire selection process before installation. We'll also inspect the site to make sure your gate has room to open and close freely – most purchasers envision a gate in their minds as a stationary object, but its entire function involves movement