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What If You Fail Your Driving Exam?

Think about the last time you took a test and failed. It was probably pretty tough, but did it kill your entire self-esteem? I mean there are always going to be moments where we want to give up or think that our life is over because of one little thing. But hang on tight! After all, what does 40% say when they fail their first driving exam (even if they've practiced for hundreds of hours)? Not only can people really learn from this type of experience and apply those lessons in the future - sometimes failing allows us to know which direction not go down again so easily next time around. So don't feel bad after taking your practical driver's license examination: You have another chance!

What Happens After I Fail?

When you get your next driving test, the testing officer will ask for a follow up. Be sure to make good eye contact with them and politely answer any questions they have about what happened during your drive test so that there are no surprises when it comes time to calculate your score. If you fail, don't panic! The examiner may recommend changes on some of their notes which can be used as hints at where things went wrong in order to focus future practice sessions accordingly.

Why Would I Have Failed The Driving Test?

Driving tests are often failed for reasons that don't seem to make sense. Driving unsafely and breaking the rules of the road usually result in these failures, but there are many other common causes as well. These include not looking over your shoulder at blind spots when driving or forgetting to use indicators while turning a corner; disobeying traffic signs by running red lights or stop signs; performing illegal manoeuvres such as making an U-turn where it is prohibited, speeding more than 25km/h above the speed limit (or 10% if you're going less than 100 km per hour), texting on your phone behind the wheel, drinking alcohol before getting behind its wheel - all things that could lead even novice drivers astray!

Do I Need To Now Rebook Another Test?

Once you fail your driving test, there's nothing to do but wait. You can rebook the test immediately at a testing centre no matter what day it is and set up another time for within seven days of when you first failed. But don't let this shake your confidence because once that next appointment comes around, get back out there and either practice more or consider booking a lesson with an instructor who will address areas where you may need some help in order to be as safe on the road as possible!

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